Personalised scheduling of
your meetings and calls.

Let people find & book your time only when you are available. Forget the back-and-forth emails, meeting is simple now.



Size & Layout

Easy setup

How it works

Connect Zaptime with your Google Calendar, add Zaptime to your website and start accepting new bookings.

Start by adding Event Type

Connect as many calendar integrations and create as many Events Types as you like. Zaptime checks for conflicts across all your calendars and only offers times that are open. Never get double booked again.

Create simple rules

Add your availability preferences, set days, times, duration and open time slots. You can also limit people from overbooking you on a weekly or daily basis using time buffers between meetings.

Share your booking with people

Send people a single booking link or embed Zaptime to your website to let people book your free time slots. They pick a time and the event is added to your own calendar. Your meeting is set!

Three ways to install

Flexible in all situations

Going from simple URL sharing to full integration in your website is a breeze. Start with a simple link and add more features as you grow.

Share via URL

Share your Event Type via URL and let people book their own time slots. You can also embed the Event Type to your website.

Add it to your website

Embed the Event Type to your website and let people book their own time slots in a familiar environment. This all possible in three lines of code.

Integrate NPM packages

Full flexibility. Integrate NPM packages directly into your website. Build your own calendar UI using headless solution, or integarte directly to the API.

Fully customizable

Zaptime is fully customizable. You can change the look and feel of the calendar UI to match your brand. You can also add custom fields to the booking form.

Developer friendly

Embeddable Event Type is very flexible. Composed in many layers, developer can choose which layer is perfect for your use-case.

Let's connect!

Integrated with your favourite apps

Seamlessly integrate Zaptime within your existing workflow.

Google Calendar

Google Meet

Apple iCal






One-man show or big team?


  • Google calendar
  • iCloud calendar
  • 1 connected Event Type
  • Default visual theme
  • Default workflows
  • Customize colors
  • Multi-language calendars
  • Customize after booking redirect
  • Notifications and Reminders


  • All features from Starter plan
  • Unlimited Event Types
  • Remove Zaptime Branding
  • Integrate to your website
  • Workflows
  • Marketing automations
  • Custom domain
  • Team collaboration
  • Round robin scheduling
  • Access to all integrations
  • Google Analytics / Meta Pixel
  • Custom booking form questions
  • Paid events


  • All features from Professional plan
  • Dev support
  • Dedicated onboarding
  • Component SDK
  • Bookings API
  • Unlimited custom domains